iOS Engineer

We are looking for a passionate iOS Engineer who will join our client’s team to create top-notch products!


Odessa, Kyiv


  • Create and refine performative mobile apps that push the limits of mobile technology;
  • Build fun, new products that run smoothly and stably;
  • Conceptualize, develop and launch new features;
  • Carefully evaluate the technical tradeoffs of every decision;
  • Work with the design team to hone in on the best UI and infrastructure practices;
  • Carry out code reviews to guarantee code quality.


  • Objective-C and iOS experts with at least 4 years of experience in developing mobile applications;
  • Strong knowledge of multithreading and concurrency (Apple GCD is a must);
  • Good understanding of Objective-C Runtime and processes which run “under the hood”;
  • Proficiency with performance tools and optimization techniques for iOS;
  • Strong knowledge of software design patterns and iOS best practices;
  • Strong CS fundamentals (algorithms and data structures) and problem-solving skills;
  • BS/BA degree in a technical field such as Computer Science (or equivalent years of experience);
  • Someone who gets excited by tough technical challenges;
  • Someone who’s great at collaborating and can work well with others;
  • Experience with Swift, C/C++, OpenGL or Metal will be a plus.

About the company

Our client is an American product company that creates world-known AR products using cutting-edge technologies. These products improve the way people live and communicate. If you are interested, don’t be shy — apply!

Note. For this position excellent English is a must!