Main formats of cooperation:

1. Classic recruitment

  • Work as external provider with the main focus on the result
  • Main priority is to close specific position asap
  • Upon-success payments based on the candidate’s annual salary

2. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

  • Deep dive into company’s recruitment process (act as internal recruiter)
  • Focus on strong pipeline
  • Fixed monthly fee per recruiter

Recruitment process: transparent and measurable

Job requirement

Commencement meeting & needs analysis
2-3 business days CVs’ samples

Active search

From 5th business day
building qualified pipeline, first relevant CVs


CodeSpace HR-interview
Follow your own selection process

Your own dedicated recruitment team

Technical recruitment consultant

/ your main contact point
/ works with niche skills’ and managerial positions
/ manages the team of 3-4 recruiters

Technical recruiter

/ works with all technical positions
/ handles 5 openings simultaneously


/ works on pipeline increasing
/ builds complicated pipelines in advance