Frequently asked questions

  • Our core business is technical recruitment. We are actively working with candidates from Ukraine, UK, European Union (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Netherland, etc).
  • Payroll and on-the-ground support. On top of recruitment services we can provide our clients with payroll service thru our United States based headquarter, as well as different types of on-the-ground services to support your local team (individual contributors), like accounting, bookkeeping, equipment supply, medical insurance etc depending on the market.
  • Education platform – Technical advanced trainings, professional certifications, corporate trainings,

We arrange a video call/meeting in order to analyze staffing needs of a client, provide a check-list about the position, which should be fulfilled, and an agreement.

We provide customers with guaranteed replacement during 3 months.

Both product and outsource, rarely outstaffing companies

Ukraine, UK, European Union (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Netherland, etc)

Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv

Yes, we work with the relocation positions, but their cost is higher than positions for Ukrainian market.

It depends on difficulty, requirements and the region where the position should be closed. Usually recruiters provide clients with first CVs in 3-7 business days.

Each quarter we have different positions for search. For years on the market CodeSpace have been closing all possible dev.positions as well as non-development, non-technical and managerial positions in IT

Including, but not limited to:
JavaScript, Java, Scala, Clojure, PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, BI, Mobile: Android, iOS, React Native, Flatter, Embedded & Hardware: C/C++, Android, Firmware, Testing: QA, AQA, QC, DevOps, Infrastructure Engineers.

Depends on the high load and seniority of each recruiter, on the average recruiter has 3-5 positions in pipeline

Our recruiting team consists of 12 recruiting specialists

Yes, we call it RPO – recruitment process outsourcing. Under this model we provide our clients with dedicated recruiters, who may act like internal recruiters being involved in searching and recruitment itself, as well as in all recruitment related activities on the company’s side like scheduling with company representatives, work with applies, vendor’s coordination etc depending on client’s needs.
RPO services are being payed as a monthly fee.

We start with Staffing needs analysis
1-2 business days recruiter searches and analyzes the market and finds first sample CVs
5-7 days recruiter builds qualified pipeline
3-7 business days recruiter works with relevant CVs, conducts pre-screens with candidates

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