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We helped this company to launch their RnD office in Ukraine in 2019. They wanted to hire 10+ people (backend and frontend developers, middle, senior, team lead level) really quickly, so a hiring marathon solution was applied. The first marathon took place 3 weeks after we signed a contract. 8 different recruitment agencies were involved. CodeSpace provided 60+ candidates, which was the vast majority of all candidates provided.

As a result, Company made 6 offers to our candidates, and 5 of them were accepted. However, we’ve noticed much better conversion for front-end developers, and an extremely high level of rejections for the back end. So, we’ve initiated a meeting with CTO and hiring team to figure out the reasons. It appeared, that during the interviews the most difficult part was algorithms tasks. So, we’ve focused our search on the candidates with algorithms experience. Moreover, we’ve asked them to be prepared for such an assignment.

The next marathon took place 2 weeks after the first one, we provided 40+ candidates. And again, 6 were offered, and 5 accepted the offer. So total conversion was 50% better. As a result, Company launched its office with 11 people on board, 10 of them were CodeSpace candidates. After that CodeSpace became an almost exclusive long-time recruitment partner to the Company. We are still working together.

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We’ve started working with the Company in February 2021 after they’d tried to headhunt one of our recruitment consultants. She refused to leave CodeSpace, but offered the Company to work with us as a recruitment provider. We offered them RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) model with 1,5 FTE (full-time technical researcher and 0,5 FTE recruitment consultant, which they’ve tried to headhunt). In 4 months, they’ve ordered one more FTE. As a result, in 2021 we’ve helped them to hire about 30 employees (40 job offers were issued), cost effectiveness of RPO model was 1:3 comparing with classic recruitment model (fee per placement).

In 2022 we continued working with the Company with the main focus on the markets of Portugal and Poland, and Ukraine as a second priority

P.S. Manager, that tried to headhunt our employee started working in new company in Poland in the beginning of 2022, and this company also became our RPO client

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This is a classic story of long-term reliable cooperation between CodeSpace and our customer. During 4+ years of recruitment for this Company, about 100 candidates were employed. About 70 of them – for RnD roles, and about 30 – for non RnD positions, mostly to the Customer success team.